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The Swiss Gutenberg museum was founded in 1900 in the form of a “Gutenbergstube” within the Historical Museum in Bern. In 1910 The Gutenberg Museum Swiss Sponsorship Association ( Förderverein Schweizerisches Gutenbergmuseum) was formed and until 1985 the museum was situated in Bern.


The idea to move the museum to Freiburg came about in the 1980`s, and it was decided to carry out this idea in 1991. The year 2005 became the year of reopening of The Gutenberg Museum in Freiburg, the opening of the Swiss museum of graphic industry and communication.


The museum is an homage to the inventor of printing with moveable letters, of printer’s ink and the lever press : Johann Gensfleisch zum Gutenberg ( 1400-1468 ). In the opening year of the museum, Gutenberg was elected the most important man of the second millennium, after Christ. His invention in the year 1440 was the cause of a revolution for European culture, which continues to have an effect today. It has accelerated the flow of information in an exceptional way, and as a result, formed the basis for the revolution of the wide range of means of communication, and the founding of numerous universities. Only today – after more than 500 years – are we experiencing a similar radical change in technology, with the internet, new computer technology, and mobile phones